My Shabby Shoes


How many pair of shoes do you have?
2? 4? 7? more or less?

But how many do you like the most? 

I have one that I like the most. My black Converse shoes [it's not black anymore] with size number 27 :) do you want to give me a new one? hahaha

Anyway, my mom bought this shoes, when I was in 10Th grade. It was the first time when I entered senior high school. Now, I am in 12Th grade. I mean this Monday I will pass my days as senior and of course I want to use my old Converse shoes with me :D

A few last days, my mom asked me to buy a new shoes. I should be very happy right? But I feel like 'what?! Ah, come oooon!' I use my old shoes for two years and there is one year left. There's just one year left  and let me through my day with that old creature.

Well, my feet feel comfy when I wear those shoes. Warm, ugly and fit to my feet. I know, I haven't cleaned it up for a few last months, haha. Sometimes I just let it washed by rain :D

Hey, I still love you my old shabby Converse shoes :3

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  1. tersesat di mari, salam kenal.. :)

  2. salam kenal juga :)


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