Learn New Languages


What's up!

Well, have you ever thought to learn new language? 
Do you really have a passion for it? :D

Learning new language is one of the coolest things I guess. 
You know, when you are speaking with another languages, the people gonna be like 'OH' :O saw that face? :D

I've just found out a children song from some different country. I got Spanish and France children songs. Learn from songs is fun. You learn how to sing it means that it's gonna help you to improve the pronunciation by those songs. You will know how to read the lyric, then it means it will help you on reading, and so on. 

Anyway, I got the title of the songs from http://www.mamalisa.com
Are you interested in learning new languages? :D

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  1. ide bagus, tp sayang bahasa indonesia aja aku belepotan, hahaha :)

  2. Yes. I'm interested.

    Arabian, eh?

  3. @indi:

    haha, aku juga.
    malahan pernah remedial bahasa Indonesia --"

  4. @Aul:

    Hehe, it sounds interesting :D


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