Sometime, when I look into my future, I don't really know what type of future that I'll be face with. Is it like what I thought? or not? or what? :D

I have a lot of dreams. My biggest wish is traveling around the world because I love to interact with foreign people, I want to know their way of life, the fundamental that they used in their life, their habits and cultures. 

Last time I have seen some of the movies, which the most of it had taken in eastern part of Indonesia. It showed me how they survive with any limitations on their life. 

I just wonder, how could they strong enough? You know, there are no electricity, no internet, and don't have uniform to go to school. They even go by feet to go to school. Sometime, it takes more than 1.5 hours [with no transportation] and by the way, this is 2011 right? -___-

I see that "there is no balances beside central and regional development"

Then, from some movies that I watched, they even don't know how to read! Yeah, once again, that is their limitation. You know, I really want to teach them to read and write. Maybe teach them some skills, I don't know, what kind of skills. Maybe foreign language like English, or maybe using the internet, of how to do something. 

"Movies has already inspiring me! I wanna help them out"

Yeah, I have all of those things on my mind :) but I have a problem. How to realize it?

My mom doesn't allowed me to go somewhere which is far faaaar away, like isolated areas that you can't find on the map unless if I have any organizations or any program which is possibly give me a chance to do that. 

Wait, I have to wait until I am old enough?
My mom will trust me and I can realize this :D

Eastern part of Indonesia, wait for me!
or wherever isolated place in Indonesia, I'll be there!

What's your dream? :)

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