Latest Day of a Laziness


Hey yo!
It's my second posts today. 

I hope you are not bored if I come up on your dashboard and see a lot of mine, and I feel really sorry T_T 

Actually, I am on my mood writing in English. I actually don't know what I am talking about on this post #keepwritinginenglish

I spend most of my time lying in my bed and spend more than 6 hours on internet. Till this seconds. Such a coach potato, huh? The reason is I just can't take my eyes looking on the things that I really want to know. A bit curious, I know.

Well, since I am a newbie on photography, I am trying to know about basics of photography. Then I read a ton of article that I found, trying to understand them and I will practice the basics that I've got when I leave my bed :D 

Then I am trying to find a songs. I remember last night I was fall asleep till the songs were completely downloaded. I was downloading RAN's songs. I like their songs, kind of easy listening. This midday, I was looking for Glenn Fredly's songs. 

Hey, I found a pretty awesome songs from South Border. They are from Philippine. You should listen to their songs. Rainbow, best that I can, the show, what else? Let's figure it out! :D

Hey, what things could make me leave this bed? 

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Ayooo! Dikomen dikomen. Dikomen dikomen.