Suka Duka Senior di Bulan Puasa #2


Well, I've already eaten dinner.
So let's get back to my story.

We talked about bimbel, right? 
Ah, skip it, let's talk about another story.

Today, My friends and I were doing something silly. It's about our biology report. Growth and germination on plants. The teacher told us to grow plants, and we have to observe for within 3 weeks, and this is our 2nd week which is the 14th days. 

The last recent week, we couldn't observed anything because the school held pesantren Ramadhan so the gate was locked to our class. Our class is on the 2nd floor.  ADIOS! we let them growth peacefully -_-"

Not only my group, the other  groups do the same. The other groups also did that silly things. Almost all of the groups manipulate their observations, aah and this is Ramadhan too, haha :D Our sin doubled!!! :'D

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  1. bilang aja ngobrol :P
    untung aku ga cerita banyak banyak.


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