Panjat Pinang on Google Doodle


Google also celebrate 
the  independent day of  Indonesia!

FYI, the picture in Google doodle on August 17Th called Panjat Pinang

Panjat Pinang stands from 2 words. Panjat means climb and Pinang is areca nut. So, Panjat Pinang means climb an areca nut :D

Panjat Pinang held since the Netherlands colonial period. It was made to celebrate any events that held by the Netherlands such as wedding and so on. 

But climb Pinang is not as easy as you think. Pinang is sleek because it's covered by an oil or butter all over it. When you climb up, you might be falling down. Then you climb and fall and so on. You have to climb it together, put your feet on the top of your friend's shoulders. Yeah, getting harder huh? :0 

All you need is togetherness and hard work! 

When you finally get on the top of it, you gonna get the Flag! Then you may  take all the present around the top of Pinang. 

You can see it every year, it will be held everywhere almost in everyplace in Indonesia :) 

So come and see! 
It is quiet interesting anyway!

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