Old Songs Never Died!


Lelap haru di taman
Bias makna yang terpendam
Alas tonggak harapan

Yeah, I am listening to old song. Not 60's or 70's. 
Actually this song was booming on 2000. So, is it old enough? --"

This song come out when I was on elementary school. So, this song is quiet old right? 

And also because I have heard lots of new songs from past few years and that's why I said it old :P

Anyway, the song's which is I listened to titled J.A.P by SO7 a.k.a Sheila on 7. They are one of my favorite beside Maroon 5, hehe. I like the melodies and I love his voice.

Well, I just have my own favorite music, I love all the old things. Also musics. I like SO7, Padi, Dewa [which is has Once on it], Westlife [anyway does it count?] 

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