Escape Plan!


For once, twice, third or I don't really know how much I think about get out of home. Right! 

Home is the place to go back. But, I just can't be on that way. Home is the place which give you a day and nightmare experiences. 

They're fighting, arguing, quarreling, blaming each other. They will never knew how I feel or what I really want. They keep act like their never knew their faults. How could I called this place home? It's sooo sad.

I mean, it's not comfy or warm, I just found a pressure anywhere here. I also need a privacy to make me concentrate, and they absolutely never understand me. It makes me really want to leave this place, as soon as possible.

I know it's tragic but this is the fact. Just a few months left, I'll be senior and wish to leave this place.

The only one that I need is scholarship. I really really really need this. 
When I got it, I'll go somewhere else and no one can stop me. So please come to me. 

Yeah, so the plan is: got scholarship, get out of home then had a bright future. 

Set my life goals and happiness, I wish I could have it in my life :)

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