Talking about dogs in Indonesia maybe not really interesting, it is hard to find a pet lovers in Indonesia. Me? I am not a pet lover :(

I will show you a picture:

Alford family, Siti, Me and Buttercup :)

Yap, there is a dog in this picture. His name is Buttercup. My host family's dog. I am scared because he is kind of big dog -__-
So I never touched him, so scared haha

In GYV, my friends [Awa and Nia] showed us their host family's dog. Her name is MaddieAnd guess what! I touched it!

If you ask me why, it because she is in small size and they also have anti bacteria thing to keep my hands clean :D 

Someone said that this is globalization era, so we do not need to wash our hands 7 times with water and sands anymore :)

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  1. hmm I guess it's not that hard to find pet lovers in Indonesia.. There are soooo many Indonesians who love animals :D and I'm proudly say that I'm an animal lover ;''')

  2. wow, I'm glad to know that you are an animal lover :D

    A few pet lovers around me -__-


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