Honesty, I didn't mean to write this entry. I just want to speak up *or write up?* with my hand. I just want to make sure what I've done is not that bad. "Was it that bad?"or "Have I done it right?" those things appeared in my head when I wrote this. It keeps repeating and makes me confused.

Everybody knows those are a lot typical of person with all of it's positive and negative things. The problem is how to see that things with invisible sight. Yeah, negative thing, what I am facing now, blame on me and getting angry. How to make it calm down. Arrrggghhhh!!!!:ayokona:

First, you have to be patient. It will help you to think about it clearly. When you are getting angry, nothing else that can you do.

Second, I think when someone is getting angry, he/she doesn't get what he/she wants. Angry is the way how to make herself/himself satisfied. I guess getting angry is kind of slow down the emotions but not in the right way.

When you transferred your problem to the others, you will feel better apart of being angry.

But how could?
No clue :|

Is that what you want? huh?
This is crazy, and this is what I have faced.
No respect.

God's intervention, this is what I believe.
I know Allah never sleeps. Always sees anytime, anywhere.
The greatest thing as far as I live is, keeps me strong.

I know that the tasks are getting harder and harder to pass and I have tried as harder as I can.
Will I keep moving? or just stand in the same place?

I just can't make it better. I really need Your help.
Please guide me to a right way .:puppyeyes:

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  1. apalah maksud postingan ko nh,,,nyinggung kali mak,,ko bosen nh,,mak qis segitonya ko nanggepin aku,,gak nyangka aku,,aku bagaikan beban bagi ko yang kalau ko bisa pengen ko lebas jauh" dan gak mauk ko liat lagi,,itu kan cukup perih aku baca nya,,makasih ya,,aku hanya sebuah hambatan ko
    aku gak nyangko ko nganggep gito
    sejelek itu kah ko nganggep aku ini qis

  2. aku cuma nggak suka diperlakukan nggak sama kayak yang lain.

    Dimatamu sekecil apapun kesalahan aku itu fatal.
    Aku udah cukup jenuh -__-

  3. ok jadi b=nya ko mauk nya apa?
    qis mmg aku mauk kayak gini,,gak qis?
    kenapa qis
    ko tu nganggep aku apa sih qis?
    kayak nya cuma aku yang nganggep ko sahabat aku,,tapi ko?


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