No cigarette, get healthy & save more money


Well, finally I passed this day. Today is Tuesday by the way. I've got some worse time, but it's OK. Allah still help me :)

Anyway, I've learned something today from school. It is about cigarette! I just can not imagine how could they suck the cigarette which is contains a lot of addictive things. Look at this Pict, i made it by my self ! Actually, you can find more pictures on internet. Okay, leave it and see this: 

Have you looked at it? 
Most of it is contains a lot of equipments that we use in our daily life. All of those things mix together and we call it cigarette. Oh man -___-"

This is what I've got:
"Just do not smoking anyway if you want to save more money on your pocket"

You will be more healthy and save more money !
hahaha :D

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