Kinda busy week


Hi, all!

Yap, It is beginning of the week and also gonna be the end of semester *2 more weeks, yay!*

But from beginning of the week I have to through a bunch of tests and exams from this week till next week -_- 

There was a history test this morning  and we have 2 chapters for that test --"
Tomorrow, we'll have Indonesian literature test and remedial for chemistry, possibly -_-

The day after tomorrow, we'll have civic education test and math test -__-

Let's skip Thursday! XD
Red calendar anyway :D

But our homeroom [he teaches biology class] said that we'll gonna face biology test on Friday -____-

The last day of school before the final term is on Saturday. I hope we'll just clean up a whole part of school so we're not study :P 

Eh, physics assignment and math assignment is waiting for me on this Saturday!

and oh! I forgot to put my standalone assignment, I've got 50 and more questions to answered --"

It will be the hardest time, 
but I wish can handle it !

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Ayooo! Dikomen dikomen. Dikomen dikomen.