Internet and Plants vs Zombie


I was using my office internet connection for downloading. And, its much better than my own internet at home. I was downloaded Plants vs Zombie about 51 Mb which is only took less than 7 minutes. For one song, maybe about 3.5 Mb, it only took less than 1 minutes.

the best corner @office :P

My internet connection at home just works less then 10 Kbps. What a t*rtle!

Plants vs Zombie, that game is pretty awesome! XD

Kalau kamu pengen nyari PLANTS VS ZOMBIE FULL VERSION [freeware] langsung aja ke sini

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  1. Yap, "plants vs zombies" bener2 game yang menarik. Sederhana memang, tapi adiktif. :)
    Saya udah tamat. :D :D

  2. iya, sederhana dan adiktif.
    Saya juga udah tamat loh :D


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