"Whether you think you can or you cant, 
you are right
                                     -Henry Ford-

That quote has got caught in my head since a few days ago. It keeps repeating in my head and I wonder how. It might be has a bond to my daily routine for studying in school till I felt that my head isn't enough to absorb all of the explanations about all of those stuff. 

In this case, I am the one who can get a 'lepas makan' score in physics, math or chemistry. It is the best record that I have. It is that hard for me to get 7 when my friends are trying to get the perfect score. Just 7?! and that's a shame -___-

When I say that I can, I will make 7 as the score that I can get with a hard work. I just can't have a better score because actually really can't. When I am looking into myself, I feel like a loser has alive, then I am looking into themselves I feel like a truly eternal loser. 

One thing that I can summed is the thing that we think we can do really can we do, and the things that we can't do really can't we do. Both of our choice are right depend on the perspective, so I agree with him :)

Sorry, if I mess up your day with this post -.-
but thanks for reading!

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