What a ****** holiday!


It was a last day of school. I met my friends, my teachers, and anyone in my school for this semester. Nothing special today, we cleaned our classroom. Swept then mopped the floor.

We have 10 days for holiday and my school never says 'holiday' as holiday, they say it 'study at home'. Even it just a short time, I wish that it could be a nice holiday. But I was wrong, it is the worst holiday that I had, ever!

I have a lot of things that I want to do, but nothing I can do. I felt like a billionaire that have no money on its pocket. :tsk:

First, my mom doesn't allow me to join my friends going to Tanjung Batu *which is my friend's hometown* and finally I didn't go there.

Second, my mom doesn't allow me to come to my friend's birthday party tomorrow. She said it is too far from my house, and it is night so my father couldn't accompany me. I am wrong if I go by myself and also my father couldn't accompany me. Wow, it's a definitely NO for me *even if I have an invitation*.

Third, celebrating a new year 2011 in Singapore is cancelled until 2012 comes. Well, my friend has no passport yet. So we can't go there.

Fourth, my mom doesn't allow me to go anywhere because she said that she heard a news about kidnapping in all ages and they are looking for internal organ and they will sell it. The result is I can't go anywhere. I'm stuck at home

Fifth, my internet connection is terrible, I can't do anything with it.

The conclusion is I am stuck at home with this terrible internet connection and do nothing. B O R E D.

I hope you guys have a nice holiday

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  1. Kasihan, Qisty! Try to make the best of it, yeah? Miss you! <3 Suzanne

  2. thanks suzanne!
    i miss you too :)
    have a great holiday!


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