GYV (Global Youth Village)


I just missed GYV (Global Youth Village) since minutes ago when I talked Ilhom on Facebook. He came from Kazakhstan and made delicious food for us in GYV. GYV was the place where I and my friends been for 11 days in Virginia when we participated the IYLP program in 2010 last summer. 

I remember when Sophie (my friend from Cilegon) asked me whether I want to join the soccer tournament in GYV with her. In the end, I signed up joining the tournament and Sophie didn't. In the evening I came to the field and realized that I was the only girl. While I was playing with the boys, I saw the PAZ girls on the edge of the field gave me a spirit LOL

Next day he asked me on his way to the kitchen, "You play today?"
" No, I am pretty busy. We are gonna have an Indonesian Night". 

So I skipped the game. Most of us had to prepare everything. Besides, I didn't have any girl friend who plays and I seemed like chasing a butterfly rather than playing soccer :|

The point is I miss GYV. My cabin (PAZ), Pace, art studio, store, dining hall, the smell of the summer :3 and anything in GYV!!!

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