School (part.1)


In Indonesia we called senior high school as SMA (Sekolah Menengah Atas). I study in public school named SMA 3 Batam.

"Why you have to use numbers for your school name?"
In my opinion, there are so many schools in so many places in Indonesia. Maybe numbers are easier to remember as the school names. For example is my school, SMA 3. As We know there are a lot of city which has a different wide of area and the quantity of the schools is depend on how big the area is. Larger area means more schools. Schools have a numbers from 1, 2, 3 and so on. We give the name of the region or city behind the number of the school. So, there might be same number in different area.

It just a little description about school in Indonesia.
Next, my high school uniform. Okay, here we go :)


We use this putih-abu abu uniform. In my school the girls must use this long skirt. Tie and belt is a must. Plus black shoes and white socks. Then guys hair must be no longer than 3cm. Poor boys LOL

Actually, for the shirt we use batik. Every school has a different pattern and colors.


This is what we wear every Thursday. Some people tease our uniform with 'kindergarten clothes' or watermelon. Whatever they say I still proud of my school :)


We called it it with "baju melayu". Every grade in my school has a different colors and pattern.


This is our PE outfit. We use it every Saturday and also when we have PE class. I like the colors :D

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Ayooo! Dikomen dikomen. Dikomen dikomen.