Sounds of 2012


The end of Desember.
So glad that I have through good and bad things this year.

For me, 2011 worse than 2010. Really. The thing runs ordinary and I even don't face something spectacular. 2011 just an OK for me. Glad to say:



 So I wanna put my wishlist here. I hope I can get it in 2012 ;)

1. Manage my Time
    You know what? I am good at wasting my time, stupidly.
     Key for success --> discipline

2. Advanced in drawing anything
    I wish I could majoring design or any drawing stuffs 

3. Get a good score of UN
    The average of 8.25 I guess for all the subjects.

4. Got Accepted in FSRD.
    I can't believe that I wrote this -.- got accepted in FSRD ITB or digital animation & film making.
    Kyle said, ''Good luck for your first picked university!'' --> goodluck for FSRD ITB

5. Could write with both of my hands

6. I wish I could reach 2000 posts and be an ISO 

7. Travel abroad or just around Indonesia
    I put SG as the nearest one then Thailand [the impossible one]  -.-" 
    I wish I could go to Bali or whatsoever

8. Meet my IYLPers and had a small reunion 

Well, I guess that's all.
I hate to make it more and got less actually, haha

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  1. amin ya ALLAH:)

  2. thankso :D
    you too!

  3. Disiplin, memang susah bgt buat disiplin.. :D
    Semoga semua cita-citanya tercapai yaw.. :)

  4. makasi bang Feb,
    semoga resolusi abang tercapai juga :D

  5. selamat taun baru yaaa salam kenal :D

  6. selamat tahun baru juga :D
    salam kenal


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