LIFE from loser's Perspective


What life means to you?

For me,
Life is like a Pandora's box. Full of things and we just can't predict what's going to be happened next. It probably good, sometimes bad, sometimes it mixed together and it feels weird :D Nearly like a shiny and warm morning followed by stormy night. Anything could be happens right? -.-"

Like Yesterday and today. Different things happened. I really love the amazing yesterday. Usual morning and unusual ending. Yeah, there were no homework, no test, no teacher on the last hours subject so we gathered together and had so much fun, and some silly things and it was one of the best day for the few past months I guess :P 

Today is a bit complicated, I had a surprising-math's test then got 0 for that. Ahaha, I feel so so so stupid --" 
I am bad at math, physics, chemistry and other calculating stuff -__- 
I got a bunch of French homework for next week, it might be 10 pages more or less then I felt sleepy while we were having biology explanation about gen. I just remember the fruit fly things, plain chest and wrinkled wings then the parental and filial. So dreary --"

Tomorrow is going to be awful. Chemistry test, civic education and English homework gonna be collected tomorrow.  I hate when he said. "Oh, gitu ya!" You seems like aaarrrggghhh! I hate chemistry.

I hope tomorrow everything's run well,
not ruin awfully  :)

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  1. thats life.. only three words: yesterday, today n tomorrow.. hehee

    nice post anyway...

  2. totally agree :)
    it's all about yesterday, today and tomorrow :D


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