Gorengan, truly Indonesia


Have you ever heard gorengan before?
Or have you ever seen gorengan?
Or maybe you really don’t know what gorengan is.

For Indonesian like me, we know exactly what it is and if you don’t know I’m gonna tell you what it is.

Gorengan *how to read gorengan = go rank an* is a snack which is fried. You can find it in almost everywhere in Indonesia.

A different kind of gorengan
How to find it?
You can find it easily on the roadside.
So, if you have this:

Then we have this:

Okay, the reasons why I like gorengan is because it's easy to find besides it is cheap and delicious. In my city, you will get 3 items with Rp 2.000 *( 1 USD= 9.200 IDR )*

These are some kind of gorengan:

This is tempe goreng and you can called it with fried soybean cake. It made from tempe, another transformations from soybeans. It is really crispy.

The simply one, tahu goreng (fried tofu). There are many kind of tahu goreng for example tahu sumedang, tahu gejrot and many more. Sometimes it’s not a plain one but they fill in the tofu with white noodle *we called it bihun*, carrots and radish. Best served with cabe rawit *kind of chili, small but spicy*. Hey, you should try it!

This is a veggie thing, Bakwan. You can find vegetable on it. You can find carrots, unions, radish, and you can also added corns on it. Ahh, don’t forget cabe rawit to eat it anyway.

Pisang goreng (fried banana), you gonna love it if you try it!

I bet this is pisang goreng sibling. This is molen. It doesn't like the pisang goreng which is sliced. This molen is a whole banana without any slice.

Well, actually there are more than this like risoles, ubi goreng and pastel. So, come here, taste it and enjoy it!

*picts: google.com*

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  1. wah bagus nih, kebetulan ada tugas bikin branding untuk gorengan, kayanya tugas nya bisa di bawa ke dunia nyata nya nih, hehe , siapa tau bisa jadi saingan popcorn buat nonton movie, hehe

  2. @dora: haha, dasar rado :D

    @dika: hoho, makasi buat pujiannya *melayang* :D good luck ya buat tugasnyaa!!


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