Follow-on project (after) Presentation


Last Friday, Suzanne and mbak Nindy came to Batam and saw our follow on project. There are 6 students from Batam. Me and Jeri, Elsa and ferry and Arin with Debby. And also Mr. Celli as a teacher from Batam that joined this program (IYLP 2010). So, we were gathering in SMA 1 and had a presentation. I was totally nervous first. I said my name is Jeri *wadda&@#$!* okay, that was so crazy, everyone was laughing. One more time, my name is not Jeri, okay!

One thing that you have to know is our presentation going well. Even its not the best at least we tried to do our best and I believe that we can do better in another time. After we did our presentation about our project, biopori, we did some exercise. Suzanne and mbak Nindy gave us a motivation, we did some exercise and had fun!!! Hey, sometimes my friends were getting crazy cause had to answers a lot of questions. Like Ferry, she borrowed Arin’s iPod and sang. Ah, he was getting crazy!:hilo:

Ferry in actions!

Jeri looks so serious, but he is not. He asked me to took this picture

Ferry, Debby, me and Arin,

Where are Elsa and Jeri?

It was on the way for dinner

Had dinner with mbak Nindy and Suzy,

hey, Elsa on the right side next to Suzy

It's time to say good night @ Novotel

Umm, I think this post is too short. But thanks for read


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