Loser's Complaining


Why do people complaining about their life?
Humans are never satisfied. 

I actually still complaining about my life. Wondering why I didn't get what I want. People say that God gives what we need, not exactly what we want. But the problem is we never know the purpose of the God's gift. Me neither.

Well, I am still looking for the meaning of that thing. The thing that finally never ever happened to me. Then my mind says like 'Hey, You just left far behind! That's what loser called'. 

How to make life much better? Stop complaining and better be thankful for every bad thing that already happened. Just consider it as the best prank on your lifetime. I'm trying to leave it all behind, build up new dreams and take a step ahead. Kinda easy to say but pretty hard to do :D

Then people say that when you failed, means that God has a bigger-good-thing for you. I haven't proven it yet. I don't know if it's only just to please us, those who failed.  But yes, I am looking for that bigger-good-thing as they said. I have to believe as a sign of  the new hope. Of course by taking an action even it's slow. Slow but sure :p

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