Kids band, awesome!


Have I ever told you about my sister?

Her name is Lulu'. She is younger than me and now she is in X grade in the same school with me.

She is a student, a reporter and also a drummer. She can play the keyboard and piano as well. She has a band and she is the eldest in this band. The guitarist and singers are in elementary school, the bassist and also the keyboardist are in junior high school. Their band's name is MERRYLITIA.

This video was taking when they have a competiton. They first song was Super funk by Funky Kopral and the second song was Bendera by coklat.
Just check this video. It is ROCK!:astig:

What do you think of this kids band? :inlove:

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  1. they are super kids !!! n your sister rocks !!

  2. hey thanks ! :D


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