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Hey, it's me again! :)

I should have written my mini-thesis rather than write in this blog ....

Anyway, I did an obligatory social action internship for advanced university students (known as KKN) last Saturday in Pulau Akar which was located 30 minutes away from my university. It was real quick like in a blink of an eye. Only one day of KKN. Compared to other universities across Indonesia, I guarantee that this is the fastest KKN in Indonesia ever. Most of the universities have KKN for at least a month.

Then I need to focus on my mini-thesis which is pretty hard for me to do so since I lack of motivations. In addition, there are no guidance book, and the advisers for my mini-thesis haven't been announced yet by the dean of the faculty. Eventhough I haven't finished it, I have set several plans to do after my mini-thesis done! x)

First, the decision has been made to join the PPAN selection this year as my mum didn't allow me to join it in my first, second and third year of study. I have to say that this is my last chance to join this program after three years waiting, and I really want to join it soooo baaaaad~

Secondly, I want to fly to Pare in East Java and take IELTS preparation. I think there will be more free time after I am done with the mini-thesis. So, this is like an escape plan for relaxing and learning at the same time for at least 2 weeks, to gain more knowledge and experience, then make new friends. What's better than that? :)

This is the thing that haunt me the most. My mum is still questioning about my future. I know that my future will not be that miserable. She keeps telling me to get a proper job in the office whether it is in bank or being a public servant. I will get a salary every month and no need to worry about my retired life.

I know she has a good purpose but I just can't help it. I mean people have their own decision about their lives, and so do I. I can't imagine myself stare at the computer screen all day, and keep doing the same damn thing every single day! I have a list of dreams to accomplish, and I want to live my own life, not anyone else's life, then live my life to the fullest.

Let's just see how life goes.

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