Do People Change?


The mid-semester exam held this week. On Sunday, I completed the administration so I could get my exam card. My mum accompanied me to the university. When we arrived, there were so many people. I saw a long line of students at the administration office.

My mum went sitting on the chair, waiting. I went to the ATM transferring some to my university account. Some minutes later, I lined up at the administration office. It was a quite long queue, I had to wait patiently. When I showed the receipt to the administration officer, she told me to copy the receipt.

We were copying the receipt near by the university. Then, out of the blue, my mum asked me, "So, how's your application to go to the U.K?". A moment later, I told her that I need to get my bachelor degree, then I can apply for the scholarship abroad.

I was wondering why she asked me this question. I didn't talk about my future plan with her for quite long time because she told me to get a job first, rather than take a  master degree. That's why I actually avoid this kind of conversation. I just don't want to argue.

After done all of the things, we went back home. She told me that my university has many students, more than she expected. "I saw so many students. I think you should take a step forward from them, otherwise you are no differ than them," she said. I freeze! LOL.

You know what she meant? She finally agreed, at least at that time, to let me take master degree after I finish my bachelor degree. Then again, I told her that I am not good enough. My English needs to be improved. "Just take the English preparation," she said.

I honestly surprised about her statements. How could she change her mind? She might change her mind someday, but there's a hope for me to run my plan LOL. I should convince her if that happens. Life sometimes is unpredictable :)

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