Mall, Again And Again


Heyya! What's up? :D

Today I went to the mall, again and again. I supposed to stay at home all day and worked on some stuffs, but my sister asked me to go to the cinema. She wanted to watch Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck. I am not into that genre, I told her to watch The Hobbit but she's not into fantasy, so what can I do :P

Once I arrived there, the cinema was really crowded. There was a long queue and the Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck had been playing. So she was kind of pissed off and gave up to watch The Hobbit. It made me laugh, and I couldn't resist. It pissed her so she put that ticket on the dustbin -_-

The Deso. If you know what I mean XD

After that, we went around because I wanted to buy a guitar's pick but none of it there! So we went straight to Coffee Town waiting for the movie to start.

Anyway, this mall named Kepri Mall. Located pretty close to my house. It takes about 5 minutes by own vehicle and about 15 minutes by foot to reach it. Because it's December, they got Christmas tree and some people were skating. Well, this is one of the main attraction in this mall. Before an ice skating area, they made a ghost house. 

Ice Skating area

Uh maybe us who lives in equator and have no winter season, we need to pay just for playing ice skating. And you guys who has winter season do not need to pay and you can play as much as you want until your butts freeze XD

Pretty late here, see ya :}

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