Holiday! How It Sounds?


Hello! *waves hand*

Don't you think I have no life during holiday? Not this time >:)

I got 2 weeks holiday, year-end holiday from 19th 'till January 1st. I only stay at home and go to the mall just for wasting my time. I actually good at wasting the time, especially when oversleep. Last time I slept for 12 hours.. or more and realized that I've wasted so much time for nothing. So I decided to do the activities to help me through the day. To be honest, it helps keeping me busy for several reasons :p

What I've been doing lately is learning to play guitar. I bought this guitar when I was on junior high. It was my guy friends who had affected us with the songs and stuffs. So they brought their guitar to the school and then sang together. Yeah, it made me and my friend wanted to learn guitar so bad. Then I quit learning because I am lefties, it was kinda hard at that time to learn. I didn't know how to strum! 

I change the strings upside down so I can play with my left hand

Then why am I starting to learn it? I have no idea, it popped on my mind and it has been a few days since the first start. There are tons of guitar tutorial videos for beginners on Youtube so I learn from it. Well, it is normally made for right handed so for lefty like me is more like mirror-ing. On the first day, my fingertips hurt which is normal for beginners and now my fingers are getting into the habit of strumming. No pain no gain, right?

First song that I've learned is For What Its Worth by Buffalo Springfield, then Love Me Do by The Beatles. Oh yeah, I learn to play Wonderwall by Oasis and I found out that Free Fallin by Tom Petty/John Mayer is pretty interesting to learn. John Mayer is one of my favorite XD

Yesterday I went to BCS (Batam City Square) one of the best mall here, based on personal thought. I was looking for a guitar's pick, and once I arrived there, they were run out pick :/ anyway I put my money on something else. YEAH, BOOK SALE!!!

Book Sale! One of the best thing that exists on earth!!!

So I got 6 books, 5 were on sale and 1 new book. I spend less then IDR 150.000 for these books. Normally it takes about IDR 300.000 for these in normal price. Oh! And I bought map too, world map. I think it is a good thing to put in my room so now it's nicely sticking on my wall :}

I don't have anything to be written, so bye bye :D

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