Older October!


What's great about October?

Except my birthday. October 9th.

So yeah, I am counting down, few days left until I officially turned 20 this year! Consider that I'm being 20, not 19 -_- I am not even sure that 20 clarified as an adult or young adult because there is no clear boundary about adulthood, then maturity can't be judged by age, right?

I feel worried about almost anything. My head keeps telling that, "Being older means that your life is getting serious, less fun. Serious, less fun. Serious, less fun" and it keeps repeating. Something wrong with my head. It works against me! Hahaha. I know my life isn't that fun, so I guess I'll be okay, hehe. But still, live as an adult isn't easy, you have to take more responsibility and more this, more that, and so on. 

How could I know? :/
Well I see around me, sometimes it scare me. Being adult is horror. Need to think carefully before decide something or think wisely before say words. Well, humans are weird, once they grow up, more complicated they are. How I wish I could turning back the time :P

Besides, with the failures I've gained, I just don't wanna expect too much. Look, I am hopeless now, haha. So, I keep focus in a small target, hope it all will be achieved.

Wishing for the best for a year ahead :)

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