This is how my birthday goes.

My best friend, Sri came to my house with her friend and she brought these beautiful cupcakes for me with extra 2 0 candles on it. I was so happy that she remember my birthday but she was just passed by for a moment so we skipped the conversation but anyhow I was glad that she came :)

Beautiful cakes from my besties 

I got prank at uni when we got back. So Rehan and Kak Nur were behind all of this. They told me that we would have a meeting after class, and I saw their faces then they seemed like hiding something but I didn't think too much. My guts told me :P and it really happened!

Once I got out of the class, they brought a cake in their hands. They sang happy birthday and I blew the candles. Few seconds after that I found the butter on my face, followed by flour and hey! They poured it to my hair. Then I ran, escaped >:) 

They caught me! They are rock!

Back an hour before October 9th, Pibi invited me to go to ClubCoee, the place that we are moved in since RED has been down. When I arrived there, I was so amazed that they made a party with all of birthday decoration and stuff.

 Mbie - Kaporit - Wura - Me - Pello - Gorby - Hoo - Pibi
Even this video! Buffer real hard so I can see this video. 

So blessed O:)

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