What's up in June!


So this is my second posts for today, lol.

Hi readers!

Well it has been a long time I ain't writing about my life here like a thousand years, hahaha. Anyway 2nd semester almost come to an end after this exam which is starting from tomorrow, well, it supposed to be today but my class got a schedule for tomorrow and end up next week, about two weeks. So why am I still here?! Yaa, I know I know XD

Oh, yeah, so a few days ago, I bought a harmonica with G key. I practiced with twinkle twinkle little star song, I practice secretly in my bedroom so nobody can hear me but finally I gave the harmonica for my brother, he was really happy. I need to find one for me with C key perhaps, asap. So I can practice in holiday. That's one of my plan I guess. 

Then, I think I'm gonna leave off cooee for a couple of days just in case for make sure that I am focus for these two weeks because I am so addicted to that site. I mean, I have tons of good friends there and I'm gonna miss the conversation, err, random-talking, haha. Waaaa!!! I hope weekend come faster and no C for this semester :D

That's all, see ya on the next post!

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