1st Day Escape to Pekanbaru


Yeah, so.. where should I start? :D

Nah, jadi kebetulan saya mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mengikuti Pelatihan Jurnalistik untuk PTS di wilayah Riau dan Kepulauan Riau di Pekanbaru tanggal 25-26 Juni 2013. Big thanks for everyone who gave me this chance! 

You know guys, it happened really fast! I got the news on Sunday evening and fly in the next day. I was freaking out! XD

Back to the first day before departure, it was a super busy day. I prepared things in the morning and I incidentally drank cold latte, right after woke up because I couldn't find any sugar for the tea, then, the latte successfully drove me a trouble with my stomach before went off. Fortunately, I could handle that :b

Cut off---------

After 50 minutes flight we arrived in Pekanbaru, remember the smog that I told you? Yeah, I saw it from the sky, too bad. Aww! I forgot to mention that I went there with Fani. 

We landed at Bandara Internasional Sultan Syarif Kasim II which has been opened last year. So, this airport is pretty new. We got on the taxi to reach Hotel Pangeran, it took 15 minutes to get there and the fare was IDR 50.000,.

When we arrived at Hotel Pangeran, we got a room number 321 and couldn't find any student that joined Pelatihan Jurnalistik . After took a break, we were hunting some food and we went to KFC -the only place that we can found- which is not so far from the hotel. 

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and on the way back, we met two boys whom used the hotel's sandals. I caught a glimpse of his sandals, they were staring us back, then I saw them back, after we met without stopping, we still look to each others' sandals because I  and Fani were using those hotel's sandals too! Finally we found other students, bhahaha!

Arrived at hotel, we decided to do design stuff. After done that thing, we went back to the lobby hoping to meet another student but in fact, we didn't find them.

What happened then? Stay tuned.

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