New Year's Pictures


These pictures were taken in Batam, 
31st December 2012 and 1st January 2013; 

I and my family went to Engku Putri (one of the famous place to go for teenagers) in Batam. Every  year, there is always a new year's celebration here. The government invite famous singer or band to make this celebration even bigger.

Finally I got a chance to celebrate it with many people, like tons XD 

The best thing is, I saw the fireworks! After 3 years in a row I slept at home at 12 and do nothing except sleeping. The fireworks were awesome! 

Here are some pictures :)

Full of people. Look at that tent!
Actually there were some people who slept near that tent. They slept like it's their own home and I was too scared to take the picture :p

Gedung Walikota Batam
Panggung Hiburan. Andra and the Backbone live performance.

So crowded here. That's why I kept away from the stage because crowd = problem ( '-')

Lucky Vector

Meteor Invasion XD
Seems like snake. Isn't it?

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Ayooo! Dikomen dikomen. Dikomen dikomen.