NIDA Summer Camp: Day 2


It was really hard to get up in the morning since the gravity of the bed doubled. As if it pulled me to stay there forever x) But what could I do, the sun was shining brightly. Bangkok called me to get ready and enjoy the very first day of the camp! :)

I went to the first floor and grabbed some food for breakfast. Breakfast time could be a good way to make friends. It was easy to say 'Good Morning!' to everyone. Ah, at least it was a nice way to make a good impression. 

What more difficult was to keep the conversation going. As an introvert *ahem* it was pretty hard for me to find an interesting topic to discuss. Somehow I found out that general topics might be boring for some people. 

For example: Where do you come from? (anyway, the campers got badge-name written with their names and countries so I could not ask this kind of question to them), or ask what they study, or in what city do they live. After these questions I will think real hard for the next questions xD

However, whenever we had talk, the thing that most of us suffer was remember people's names.

MetroPoint Hotel :D

Started from this morning, our ears got used to hear 'Breakfast at 7, and go to the bus at 8'. I went to the bus, sat next to the windows so I could clearly see Thailand :3 Baagii from Mongolia sat next to me. She was a really cool girl because she had been doing her Phd. 

When we were on our way, Kai, NIDA's volunteer notified the activities that we were going to do for today. She said that we could call her Chicken because Kai means Chicken in Thai. But we prefer Kai x) she was very patient taking care of us, especially the campers on the Bus number 2 :3

It took 15 minutes to reach NIDA from MetroPoint. I closed my eyes and peeked sometimes just to make sure that I did not fall asleep. And yes! I did stuck searching for topics to talk to a girl next to me hahaha.

We went to the 3rd floor for registration. We would attend a welcome address by the NIDA president. At the time when NIDA Summer Camp be held, there was also ASEAN Camp for the Thai students. We did ice-breaking activities together. We were divided into several groups. I forgot the exact numbers. It was pretty fun though.

We had lunch in room near the auditorium. The chairs and tables were lined up. We waited in queue for foods. I noticed that whenever we had lunch, there was always fish sauce inside the plastic where the spoon and fork were. This probably just like how Indonesians eat with sambal (chilli paste) xD

Indonesian campers

Around 3 we went back to the hotel and prepared the costumes for the welcome party. The Indonesian campers practised dancing and singing. We sang one Indonesian song, Manuk Dadali. I myself was not familiar with that song, so did several Indonesian campers -_- he gave the musics to the committee, thus we just did lip-sync as he suggested -.-

It was less than 2 hours to remember all the moves and memorised the song. You should know how complicated to learn dancing with fast moves, and you learned it less than 2 days! Plus sing a song that you did not know which you have to remember less than 2 hours. Wasn't it complicated? :'v

Forgot some moves xD

The bus had been waiting for us when we went out of the hotel. We went back to NIDA for having dinner and welcome party. Some of the performances were formed by several countries. Like Malaysia performed together with Singapore and other countries which I forgot -.- Indonesia performed as one, Indonesia. 

We took the table on the left side of the room and had dinner and in the same time we were watching the performance from other countries. We got new friends who sat on our table from Laos. They were Pookee and Goodz (his real name was Palamy anyway). Goodz had some friends from Indonesia and he could say several Indonesian words like 'Selamat pagi, selamat siang, terima kasih'. It was great knowing someone who knew about Indonesia :')

We were nervous about our performance because we did less preparation. As I have mentioned, Indonesian campers would sing and dance. Eka sang loud, some of us just kept silent because did not know the lyrics. The song was so slow though. After that we danced Zapin. It was good at first, then in one part Eka forgot the moves LOL. So everyone could not copy him! He supposed to be the one who lead us!!! x)

Ah! Apart from it, we did it pretty well. Everybody clapped their hands after our performance. When we went back to our chairs, a guy came to our table. His name is Mr. Ghofar from the Embassy of The Republic Indonesia in Thailand. We were glad that he said our performance was amazing :'D 

After all the performance was done, the party was started. Everybody danced crazily in front of the stage. It was fun though even if I was just watching from the distance sitting on my chair, I could feel the atmosphere. Everybody was happy!

Here was the thought. NIDA Summer Camp was going to be a great experience :)

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