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Whoa!!! It's been a long time not posting in English xD

For me, English is sooo damn important. It's not because I am trying to be cool.. uh, well, actually, yes. When you say like 'Yo wussup bro?' *cool face* B| 

But what motivated me the most that English is widely spoken in the world. It helps you communicate with foreign people.. and get a better job in the future, then earn a better salary! hahaha. Besides, speaking English makes you as global citizens LOL

Talking about English, I joined the English club on Whatsapp. I found that group on Kaskus while I was kaskusing months ago. Since that time, I practice my English more. The group is crazy. They chat like 24 hours non stop. Sometimes we have Skype voice call too.

The battery drains faster than before. Some people even got their phones hang received 1000 messages. One of my friend there got 3000 messages in 2 days or so. Some are just back off because these massive texts and their phones cannot help it. These are just some reasons why people back-off. 

Other reason is people say they can't speak English. They decided to join the club. Once they get in, they left because the classic reason 'I can't speak English'. They should know that our English, I mean the English club members' English are not perfect. We are blabbering so much, and they think that we are experts? -_- That's why we joined the group because we want to practice more! Even if our grammar are mess.

However, as Indonesian, I found many Indonesians are not using the Indonesian language according to the EYD perfectly. I know Indonesians spoken and written are basically pretty different. People use the informal way of writing and speaking mostly in daily life and it's pretty much affect the language itself in a formal way.

For example is the using of prefix di- and the word di to indicate place. Indonesians mixed it up -_- For example they write di lempar instead of dilempar (with no space) :| Or miswritten word. The common word I find is 'rubah'. The right word is ubah :| 

In my opinion, native speakers do the mistakes too with their own languages. Not only Indonesians. Even English native speakers mixed up between 'to' and 'too'! Fault actually doesn't matter, see? :D

As Indonesian natives, we also have many mistakes using the proper words. If you want to study English then don't be shy. Doing wrong thing is not a crime, it means that you are a step ahead to be better. Good luck!!!

If you want to join an English Group on WhatsApp please DM me on Instagram/Facebook/email/whatever. Cause am not checking this blog regularly.

This group is free of charge :P

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  1. Whatsapp English Club
    Join us by this link:

    1. It doesn't work, when I opened it I got information:

      The address wasn't understood

      Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because one of the following protocols (whatsapp) isn't associated with any program or is not allowed in this context.
      You might need to install other software to open this address.

    2. It's doesnt work,please invite me 08112004478. Tks very much. Regards Yuven.

  2. just give me your whatsapp number

    1. Hello! Just simply click on this link thank you :)

  3. It doesnt work. Pls add me +6282344802330

  4. Not working ,i have tried that link

  5. Pleaase kindly invite me to that group. I want to learn english and connect to people across the world. Here is my WA number 081251414991. Thank you.

  6. Can i have lunk for group. I have english club in my company they want to learn. 089678351797

  7. Please add my number 082337252230. Indonesia

  8. Please kindly add my numbrr 081362135838. My name is grace and i am from indonesia. Thankyou :)

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  10. Please invite my number 081350322392
    I live in indonesia

  11. I'd like to join brruh
    Invite me


  12. Please invite my numb 085643875145

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Join us and make some friends and by that way we hope you can practice or improve your English as well

  15. Please Invite my number 081283471752
    I want my english better than before


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