Past, 2014, and Future


I am happy that 2014 is almost over. This year neither the worst nor the best. So, earlier this year, I started pen-palling. Most of the chatting sites I know are the same. Here are some typical problems I found: Asking ASL then disconnected because I come from Indonesia.. BECAUSE I AM INDONESIAN, perverts everywhere, dead conversations, disconnected.. even before I say HI! 

Because of those reasons, I decided to sign up into penpalworld. I got some friends there. However, some people stopped writing back and forth. Now I only have 2 pen-pals. They are not young anymore, but I am glad to know them. One of them I met on formspring. Sometimes, we meet great people in unpredictable places! :)

Remember that Reduniverse had been down for a year, right? Finally it was back in April. This is one of the best thing this year. Some of the Redizens worked hard to bring back the universe. Although Red was back, some of them still stay on clubcooee, a place where we were refugees for a year since Red had been down. I though things would be the same after Red back. I was wrong :')

First day when Red back, it was pretty crowded. Everyone merrily celebrated the return of Reduniverse. Too bad it was not last long. Sissy has passed away before Red back, Pik and Hoo have gone, Elliot got banned, Polly rarely comes, I barely see Sabrina, and some of the Indonesian Redizens stay in Cooee. It's their choice and I have no right to intervene whether they want to go to Red or not. Things just happen differently :')

I tried to enjoy hanging out on Red. Met new users and had fun. Again it was not last long. Red has been down again this month. I have no where to go! LOL I will be happy if it is back. I won't expect anything. I just wonder if it stays the same :')

That's all about my second life in cyber world :| 
Here is the stories of my real world!!! :D

This year, I have been submitted several applications for conferences, summits, etc.
Program: Jenesys 2.0  
Result   : Failed 
My name was not on the list. I realized that my application was written such a crap. 
Program: CIMB Young Leader 
Result   : Failed  
I submitted and no answer. My application better than crap but it was not enough. Other applicants are better than me. MUCH better than me.
Program: ASPAC Youth Training 
Result   : Failed 
My boring life made the application boring. They were bored, and I failed.
Program: ISFiT 
Result   : Failed 
My application was written clumsily. I tried my best to write but it made it looks awkward.

LOL I haven't seen any good things happened this year! hahaha. 
Let's check. We should see the bright side, right? :D

In February, my friend and I went to my hometown! In Batusangkar, West Sumatra. We also visited some cities there. Sure we had fun. If you haven't read my journey, check this out! :D

ANNNNDDD THISSSS YEAAAAR, I became the editor-in-chef for our campus magazine. My Bahasa is better than my English, our magazine is in Indonesian language. Pardon me if my articles here make your eyes bleed! 

Puji said he wants to focus studying. Fani did not want to be editor-in-chief. So, they chose me. They know I am a lazy ass who pretend to be strong to face the truth. What can I do? This magazine should be published, right? Here comes the big responsibility for me to take care of the campus magazine. I am a hopeless case, wish me luck :')

In 2015, I wish failures turns into success. Hopeless turns into hopeful. 
Please, 2015, treat me better! xD

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  1. Amiiinnn..

    2015 please be nice to usss!

    1. Haha thanks, bang! 2015, please be nice to us x)


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