Set Up Things


How's it going? :3

Long time not writing on this blog, eh. 
I apologize for it :p

Not much things happen these days. Remember when I said that I am drown into a deep disappointment in the previous post? So I decided to set up things and wish it could make me feel much better, to cure the pain haha.

I have no class in the morning, most of my friends go to work in the morning and I still sleep till midday. Something is going wrong with my life, messed up. I know. Sooo, I am trying to find a job.. online. Why?! Well I can't ride a motorcycle, my parents won't allow me to ride a bicycle, like you know, people says, "Oh, here is Indonesia, not Netherlands"  or "Wtf is she doing? Ride a bicycle on the road. She nuts" hahaha. 

So far, I got a site which offers a job by do the design stuff -which I look for- and hope I can earn some from it $.$ because another thing that I want to do is traveling. I saw my friend went traveling around Southeast Asia and my good friend from junior high will go to Lombok next holiday, somehow it makes me envy :P

I was telling my good friend from junior high named Yuda, that I was envy because he would go traveling. After that he told me back, that he's been envy when he heard that I went to the States, back in 2010. So we planned to travel to Europe when we graduated from the unis. This is such a long term plan hahaha. At least I got a plan.

I about to sleep, so byebye :3

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