LDKM (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Mahasiswa)


This is another experience that I've got last weekend. So, last weekend, my uni held the basic leadership training aka LDKM (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan mahasiswa) for two days from 27 to 28 April 2013. Luckily, one of my senior from Pena Mahasiswa offered me to take part being the committee and I finally took a place in documentary section :D

Those are 6 people from Pena including me, plus our senior, Heldi that came later, so 7 people. There is Feri on the top-left of the picture, then Kak Sherli next to him. There are Kevin and Mala in the middle of the picture and Fani with the blue hijab, Bang Heldi and Kak Nia :D

PM! :)
Off we went to Yonif 134 located near Barelang at 7:30 AM. It took about 30 minutes to go there. At that day, we held lots of seminars. It was about the history of student movement  first started by STOVIA and student movement before reformation in 1998 also we got the public speaking section.

Late night after dinner, we had a campfire. I put the photo here. After that, We held a game to test the bravery and honesty from of the participants. The candy had given to the participants by the committee and the participants need to keep it until the 4th post. One by one went to the post and answered the question in every post so they could continue their journey. We went bed at 1:00 AM and got up at 05:00 AM.

(From top-left to bottom-right)
Waiting, being asked, fire camp, being asked.

After woke up, we did some exercises. The participants and the committee ran 5 times around the field. Well I did not because I took the picture :p

Go run run run! Do exercise :D

After done that exercise, we did other exercises guided by the soldier itself. Unluckily, the rain was coming, so they all were wet. Again, I went running to the auditorium to save my camera. Damn! However, the participants look really happy. Check this picture out!

I got these photos from Fani anyway :D

Big storm came when rain was falling down hardly. Then, they decided to end up the game and moved to the  auditorium and continue the game. In the auditorium, the participants separated into 5 teams. They made their yell.  Then again, did some games :D

Oh ya, I forgot about this! One of my friend Mala, got a crush on him! Hahahaha. So, he is one of the soldier that accompany us for two days named Dadang. Hey, I put his photo here! We teased Mala with Kang Dadang. Yeah, teasing means lots of fun! >:D lol

This picture was taken by Mala 

This is when we had breakfast. Damn! I need to put it somewhere above this post actually. But, okay. I will continue this story anyway :D

Random Photos

We had a breakfast before held some games with the soldier. After the breakfast's time came, we did several things. Mala and I got coffee from Bang Heldi and it really wakes us up. Then, Fani learned some technical of photography with someone from the medical department. Hahaha

Unfortunately, we went back home earlier and because the bad weather. Last session was photo section. Mala asked a place near Kang Dadang, we did not know why, afterward she denied to stand next to him when we held that session. She was too shy. Hahahaha, poor Mala.

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